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Coping Skills Group 

This group is designed for those struggling with emotional stress and emotional regulation. If you have stress producing thoughts that you cannot get out of your mind, challenges sleeping due to stress and/or difficulty concentrating due to stress, this group would likely be helpful. Individuals who struggle with addictive or obsessive tendencies will also find skills to help them find peace and deal with triggers and/or reality testing. This is not a process group. This group is designed to teach skills. Each group will increase the tools you have to cope with stress and cope with life.

CLICK to watch a video about this group.


Conquer Anxiety Webinar 

Dr. Jon Skidmore is giving a FREE webinar detailing skills from his new book “Conquer Anxiety. Let this Webinar be your first step on the amazing adventure of breaking through what has been holding you back. You will learn practical and effective tools to move forward with skill, confidence, power, and hope.

Thursdays 11:00 a.m.- 11:30 a.m.

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Play Therapy for Children 

We have several therapists who are skilled in play therapy. This type of therapy for kids is often helpful for kids who do not have the words to express their emotions or experiences.


EMDR Therapy for Anxiety, Panic, Trauma and PTSD 

EMDR is an evidenced based practice that bilaterally stimulates the brain to provide more cognitive resources when dealing with fear-based challenges. Our EMDR trained therapists have found
success in treating those who have struggled with other forms of therapy.


Our COVID-19 Vaccinated Therapists are ready to serve you.

For Appointments Call (801) 854-7942

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