TeleHealth Therapy in Utah

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TeleHealth Therapy

From Utah Valley Psychology

Utah Valley Psychology is now offering video conferencing through their telehealth system as an option for mental health and life coaching services. This is in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that has recently impacted our community. Utah Valley Psychology wants to implement measures that will slow the spread of the Coronavirus and provided needed mental health services to the community during this challenging time. We understand the fears and worries related to the spread of the Coronavirus, and we can help.

The telehealth system is easy to use. You may elect to receive a 48-hour reminder text message prior to your appointment and another 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  You will also receive a reminder email with a link that will help you connect to our system either by your computer or via phone app. On a webcam-enabled computer, click on the link in the email to join the session.  If you prefer to use your phone, please download the free app “Telehealth by Simplepractice.” If you are using a computer, make sure you have a working webcam.

Fortunately, insurance companies are also working hard to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, as some are offering zero-dollar copays, and most are extending normal mental health benefits to also cover telehealth. Feel free to call our exceptional billing staff to find out how you can benefit from telehealth at Utah Valley Psychology. Call us at (801) 854-7942


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