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By Jon Skidmore, PhD.

Just before the recital started, I watched a student approach her teacher and announce, “I am nervous.” The teacher instantly looked concerned and helpless. There was an awkward pause and then she finally responded with, “You will do fine.” It was obvious that the student did not feel reassured as she sat down and anxiously waited for the recital to start. What would you told the student?

I believe that if this teacher and student had been taught the tools and skills of the Performers Mindset the conversation would have gone more like this. Student says, “I’m nervous.” The teacher responds with, “So you are activated.” The student responds with, “Yea, I guess so.” The teacher responds with, “Jenny, for the last seven weeks we have talked about the skills you can use to manage your performance mindset. What are your trigger words?” The student says, “Bold, Confident and Dynamic.” The teacher says, “Great! Practice managing your mindset and do the breathing exercises you have learned. We will talk about how these performance skills worked at your next lesson. We need to start the recital. You will do fine!”

As a performer or teacher what do you know about:

  • The physiology and psychology of stage fright
  • The research-based strategies to manage anxiety
  • The Optimal Activation Window
  • The Five Stages of Peak Performance
  • The Optimal Performance Mindset

I am looking forward to supporting you in your quest for freedom on stage! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Step up, Risk, Enjoy!

Jon Skidmore, Psy.D.
Performance Coach, Licensed Psychologist, Musician

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