Group Therapy

Science consistently shows the benefits of group therapy. Come benefit from being part of a group of people dealing with similar challenges.

Research consistently shows that participating in group therapy with others who are in similar situations can lead to significantly improved emotional and behavioral functioning. We have specialized groups for teens on the autism spectrum to gain social skills, young adults dealing with psychosis, wives who have husbands on the autism spectrum, adults freeing themselves from pornography addiction, and others. Let us help you find a group that is specific to your needs.

Adult Groups

Sometimes it feels like you are all alone with your challenges. Those around you often struggle to support or even understand what you are going through. Whether it is dealing with grief and loss, addiction, needing support as a spouse, or struggling with caregiver fatigue you will find those that get it in our groups. Use and contribute to the strength and healing power of group therapy.

ASD Wives Support Group

The ASD wives support group provides support for women with husbands who have an autism spectrum or other disorders that impact a husbands ability to show empathy and provide emotional support. The group is both support and educational in nature. Licensed psychologist Rob Dindinger Ph.D. is an expert on autism spectrum and personality disorders that impact marital relationships. Wives learn to set boundaries, meet their own interpersonal needs and support the development of a healthy relationship with their spouse.

This group is temporarily postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are interested in being notified when this group will start again you can email

Social Skills Building

This group is designed to help older teens and young adults learn social skills to help them engage with the many social worlds they live in. Skills for making and keeping friends, managing social anxiety, reducing problematic social behavior, and specific social skills for home, school and community. Groups are designed to fit particular age groups so getting on the list for when we have enough kids in your child’s age group is important (Currently 18+).

If you are interested in being a part of this group, call (801) 854-7942 or email us at

Safe Harbor

This group is for Adult Women who want to heal from the effects of Sexual Abuse as children. The group discusses and explores various topics, develops supportive relationships with others who have similar experiences, and helps you to heal from the impact of sexual trauma.

Topics include:

– The Path Toward Healing

– Memories, Reactions, and Grief

– Trusting Yourself and Others

– Trauma, the Brain, and the Body

– Boundaries and Family Relationships

– Health Relationships

Each session ends with a closing meditation exercise. Presented by Patrick McGuinness, CMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in treating the psychological impact of trauma and post-traumatic stress.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, call (801) 854-7942 or email us at

Meeting Of Support Group

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