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Utah Valley Psychology introduces a coping skills group with a very unique format.  The group takes a cognitive-behavioral therapy approach which means that it uses techniques that have been thoroughly research and shown to be effective.  It also means that there is a didactic or teaching component to the group. You will be taught specific skills and practice them with supervision.  Then you apply the skills to your life and return to discuss them with others learning the same lessons as you. 

Skills include breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation practices and psychological strategies to manage stress.  The sense of community you experience with other group members will keep you motivated to learn and practice the skills on your own.  You will learn to develop a stress reduction practice of your own.

Who is appropriate for this group?

These skills work well for clients struggling with overwhelming emotional stress.  Often times ruminations, diffuse attention and other maladaptive coping strategies lead to mental health problems. Learning to calm yourself and refocus attention is a worthwhile investment in yourself.

This group is applicable to client’s who struggle with anxiety and have excessive worries, difficulty sleeping, concentrating and relaxing.  

This group is helpful for those with ADHD.  Difficulty concentrating, managing excess energy and controlling impulses are addressed by teaching you skills to improve awareness. Learning to slow one’s actions and sharpen focus requires discipline and skill building which are taught in this group. 

This group is also good for clients moving away from substance abuse and chemical dependency.  Learning to fill unstructured time with self-nurturing activities is important to the success of individuals practicing abstinence and sobriety.    

This group is also applicable to patients of psychedelic assisted therapies. There are several ketamine clinics in the valley and patients are finding it helpful to enrich their experiences with greater mental awareness and control.  Psychedelic integration is important for anyone who’s experienced a difficult journey or a “bad trip” and has not fully resolved the experience.   

This group is also good for clients who are addressing trauma using exposure therapy in individual therapy and may have dissociative symptoms. 

Enrich your life style by doing something good for yourself! Contact Utah Valley Psychology now to sign up.

This group begins on 1/27/2012 and takes place every Wednesday from 4pm to 5:30pm.  Call the front desk to join or contact me with any questions you might have. Most major health insurances are accepted.

-Pat McGuinness, LCMHC

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